Powerfully Cool in Urban Spaces

The Urban Cooler is an innovative overhead evaporative cooling solution that optimises coverage, ideal for integration with urban infrastructure.

Airbitat Urban Cooler

German-engineered Fans

Robust and durable German-engineered fans power the Reevac® Deep Cooling experience. Operating as full system at just 75 dB(A), these energy-efficient fans are both powerful and quiet. You’ll barely hear it above ambient noise.

Smart Operations, Smart Savings

When Smart Mode is activated, the Urban Cooler detects ambient conditions and automatically switches between Fan Mode and Boost Mode, delivering tangible energy savings that is both good for business and for the environment.

Control It Your Way

The Airbitat Urban Cooler is designed to be controlled easily onsite either using a standalone control, mobile application via Bluetooth, or integrated with available Building Management Systems. The mobile application enables Wi-Fi configuration, which allows for offsite control of the Urban Cooler via a web dashboard, with access to additional features such as performance monitoring.

The Energy-Efficient Solution To Cool Industrial & Commercial Spaces

The Urban Cooler delivers a large cooling capacity of up to 226,560 BTU/hr, and distributes fresh cool air evenly to a targeted space. With its versatile air distribution system, flexible building management integration and a variety of access control modes, you can choose to extend, focus or distribute cooling for effective use in your space.

Easy set-up

Urban Coolers are designed for standalone use or integration. You will need:

  • Connection to 3-phase power supply
  • Access to a water supply
  • Access to a drain point

Our technical team will conduct a site recce to consult on right-siting of product as well as connecting requirements.

Easy maintenance

Urban Coolers are designed for easy maintenance to ensure maximum hygiene and cooling performance each time.

  • Automatic drying cycle activated after every use
  • Built-in cleaning cycles to be used with disinfectant granules for a deep hygienic clean
  • Easily-removable pre-filters allow regular rinsing with water

Product Specifications

Air flow (m3/h) 9,000
Cooling capacity* (kW) 26.61 52.72 66.43
(Ton) 7.5 14.9 18.8
(Btu/hr) 90,600 179,820 226,560
COP - 12.6 25.1 31.6
Power supply (V) 380 - 455, 3-phase
Frequency (Hz) 50 / 60
Current (A) 3.8 (0.8 p.f.)
Power Consumption (kW) 2.1
Weight [Dry / Wet] (kg) 380 / 500
Dimensions [L x W x H] (mm) 1350 x 1350 x 2300

*Based on outdoor ambient condition of 134oC/50%RH | 238oC/21%RH | 346oC/16%RH

Urban Cooler UBC01

Click here to download our Urban Cooler UBC01 datasheet.

City Cooler UBC01

Model No.:

  • UBC01

Air flow:

  • (m3/h) 9,000

Cooling capacity:

*Based on outdoor ambient condition of 34oC/50%RH

  • (kW) 26.6
  • (Ton) 7.5
  • (Btu/hr) 90,600
  • (COP) 12.6

*Based on outdoor ambient condition of 38oC/21%RH

  • (kW) 52.7
  • (Ton) 14.9
  • (Btu/hr) 179,820
  • (COP) 25.1

*Based on outdoor ambient condition of 46oC/16%RH

  • (kW) 66.4
  • (Ton) 18.8
  • (Btu/hr) 226,560
  • (COP) 31.6

Power supply:

  • (V) 380 - 455, 3-phase


  • (Hz) 50 / 60


  • (A) 3.8 (0.8 p.f.)

Power Consumption:

  • (kW) 2.1

Weight [Dry / Wet]:

  • (kg) 380 / 500

Dimensions [L x W x H]:

  • (mm) 1350 x 1350 x 2300

Click here to download our Urban Cooler UBC01 datasheet.